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Selvática Ações Artísticas (Selvática Artistic Actions)

Created in 2011, Selvática Ações Artísticas is a hybrid experience of a group, producing company, artistic space, and creative platform of shared management, artistic residence, and exchange. A mutating experience that is frequently cohabiting different formats that allow deepening into diverse languages. Due to national and international prizes received, Selvática was able to present their artwork around many Brazilian cities, as well as in other cities in Latin America, Europe, and Africa. Through The House of Selvática, which opened in 2012, they develop a work based on exchanges and shared residence programs. Among the main leitmotivs that move the group is the construction of a workspace for the permeability among artistic languages, hybridism, and the review of the concept of Cabaret.

A Selvática
A Casa Selvática
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