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Held since 2014, Por que não tem Paquita Preta is a performance show/manifesto by the actress and singer  Simone Magalhães.  Woman, poor, Latin American, puts in authorial compositions her criticisms of the prejudices directed at the body of the black dyke woman.


Why don't you have a black paquita? is an authorial project by Simone Magalhães, which mixes music and performance. In her repertoire, the singer/actress mixes authorial songs, compositions by artists from Curitiba, with biographical reports. In each edition Simone invites an artist to participate in her show.  The project aims to question the role of black people in the job market, the role of the black artist, the woman, the dyke, the transvestite and other people who are on the margins of society. With “Por que não tem paquita preta?”, Simone questions racism in all its faces.


He has performed more than 50 times at Casa Selvática since 2014 in different seasons. Also featured:

2019 - III Black Forum of Art and Culture/Salvador

2018  - IV Afro-Brazilian/Bandeirantes Art Exhibition

2017 - International Festival Ruido Em Cena

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