Occupy The House of Selvática

Since we are a freelance managed space and since we believe this is a free territory and can be even greater, we will receive propositions from artists willing to integrate 2021 programming and occupy the space of the house through projects in co-production and collaboration. Two action frontlines will be released: Artistic Residence Proposals (With accommodation facilities for nonlocal artists) and Temporary Events or Activities.
OCCUPY Selvática!

Open Call Release on the second semester of 2020.


The Cabaret Reinvention

Artistic Residence in The House of Selvática for Cabaret performers 

With its first edition realized in 218 due to Iberescena, the residence looks for artists that research the art of cabaret as well as its resulting artforms, such as Vaudevilles, burlesque, opera buffa, feminine impersonation, drag queens and kings and queers, circus-theater, animated forms theater, buffoons, clowns, cabaret, contemporary, manifest and situationism. 


Selected Artists: 

Nadia Granados (Colombia), Montserrat Ángeles Peralta (Mexico), Patricio Ruiz (Argentina), Maria Tuti Luisão (BA); Elisa Nunes (MG); Cesar Almeida, Rubia Romani e Vinicius Sopes (PR).

No planned date for another open call.