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How do you dance an exaggeration? Can a body be a crowd? How are kisses not given? How are unspoken words danced? How do you dance an extinct language? Based on autofiction material and also on studies of exaggeration and monstrosity, Mil Besos is a performance of a body that tries to keep itself upright with 5kg of craft paper on its head. A body in search of a state of overflow. Mil Besos is part of a research that the Brazilian artist Gabriel Machado has been developing, in the last 10 years, on the transformations of the body as a virtual object, cybernetics and the infiltration of technologies and media resources in the human body. Low-tech and high-tech in search of the grotesque, the robotic, the inhuman, the superhuman.

Entering a creative process in art is, in a way, challenging yourself to invent another world. Other worlds. It is an exercise in looking for space and time in order to be able to destroy space and time. It is the adventure of producing other fictions in the midst of the fictions we call, in everyday life, “reality”. And it's been a long time since creating, for me, has been gradually giving up on being humanx. In a way, I believe that humanity is a project that has failed, and that new projects of existence are out there, alive, available, in progress. It is not pessimism, nor fatalism. On the contrary: it is the power of desire, it is betting that we can do more, we can do something else. Thinking like that, creating is always dying a little. Die, kill, move.
Princess Ricardo Marinelli -  THE BIZARRA THAT IS ME, WITH A THOUSAND BESOS, TOUCHES THE EXAGGERATED THAT IS  YOU: poetics of encounter in the name of a world beyond the human


Residencies and creative process

Prize for Choreographic Creation in Residence by Iberescena - Fund for Aid to Iberoamerican Performing Arts

- Espacio Labruc (Madrid - Spain). 
- Overflows - Performance Show. Living Water Concentrate. (Curitiba Brazil). Free Public Notice 2016 - Cultural Foundation of Curitiba.

  -  Nave - Residency Creation Center (Santiago - Chile). International Call for Living Arts. Workshop "Tangle".  

Public Notice of the Dance Area - Solar Show 2018
- Hoffmann House - Movement Study Center (Curitiba - Brazil).
- French Alliance of Salvador (Salvador - Brazil).
- The Reinvention of Cabaret - Residency at Casa Selvática for Iberoamerican Cabaret Artists (Curitiba - Brazil). Iberescena Program to support Iberoamerican Centers in Residence.

Paraná State Culture Promotion and Incentive Program
- Curitiba Festival - University Theater of Curitiba (Curitiba - Brazil)
- Hoffmann House - Movement Study Center (Curitiba - Brazil)
- FIDCU - International Festival of Contemporary Dance of Uruguay - Auditorio Nacional del SODRE, Dra. Adela Reta (Montevideo - Uruguay)
- Claudete Pereira Jorge Show - Teatro Novelas Curitibanas Claudete Pereira Jorge (Curitiba - Brazil)
- SESC Cadeião Cultural Soil Exhibition (Curitiba - Brazil)
- Cultural Center Sistema Fiep (Curitiba - Brazil)

- 8th Kinani - International Contemporary Dance Platform in Maputo (Mozambique)


Public notice of State, National and International Circulation of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba

- FIDE - International Festival of Emergent Dance (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

- 9th FACE - Festival of Performing Arts of Bauru (Bauru - Brazil)

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